Writing is a fundamental skill. It represents the core of language learning, yet the development of this skill is

not at all an easy task. The teacher should go step by step to enable his/her students to write correctly, and

this step-by-step process is what is done in the CEE syllabus of First year students Students should first

know some basic points in writing before moving to writing larger units i.e. paragraphs. The teacher's role is

to make students aware of these basic points, to enable them to write correct and accurate sentences, and hence correct paragraphs.

Target category: 1st year EFL students at Belhadj Bouchain university centre

Objectives: at the end of the course, the student will be able to :

·Find the difference between a clause, a phrase and a sentence

·Indentify the different functions of a clause, a phrase and a sentence

·Create sentences as a preparation for the second phase

·To produce a paragraph (standard)

·To produce different types of paragraphs (argumentative, descriptive, narrative...etc)